Sunday, July 17, 2011

Agba, live from Otutulu, Nigeria

Cibilo Creek Community brings you todays news.....stay tuned!  Ok today we had church service and half the team went to the adult service, in which TJ addressed the congregation, while the other half went to the children's service held under a gian tree, delightful.  A very moving communion service followed in which there were many verses sung of Amazing Grace, which became a beautiful blend of Igala and English.  After that we enjoyed lunch (thank you again St. Crystal), of rice and red sauce plus a chopped diced salad that might remind you of pico de guilo, minus the cilantro. 

Afternoon was filled with friendship- girls handed out the sponsor letters and went to the childrens bible study, the guys worked on broken wheelchairs, which for me was simply removing the old broken part that must be replaced in the USA.  TJ and Greg worked harder, bless their hearts, with the same results, parts needed.  Good news is that we will now have UPS service to LaKojia.  HUGE!  The team is back at full force with the return of Chloe- thank you Lord!  She was down with a 24 hr. bug.  Yesterday was quite the day with half the team going to a funeral and the other half attending an Albino meeting where hats, sunglasses and sunscreen were handed out!!  The Albinos were quite the crowd, so sad seeing life long challenges that await them with the limited resources here in Nigeria.

Tomorrow is another split with the girls headed off to the Iman's village (family tribe of Aiden Styskal).  The men will be doing their best to create a playground for the children of the school that C4 has been involved with.  Well folks the sun is setting, the stomachs are on empty, soon the generators will be turned on so that this will be uploaded.

Till the next time, the Lord is truly blessing this trip.......I miss my family- home and C4.  May the Lord continue to bless our days here in the central bush of Nigeria.

L-Man out


  1. Wow, both services sound great. Speaking from experience, the children's service is so much fun because of all of the singing and clapping - it's A-land on steriods! But, it would have been a treat to see TJ speak in the adult service and then listen to the translation!

    I'm glad you're all getting a chance to spread your wings and do different things... and you, Leonard, you're going to build a play ground, huh? Should be easy, since you created one in our backyard for the girls. ;-)

    Our prayers are with all of you!

  2. Would love to have herad what TJ shared.
    Going to need to try this rice and red sauce.
    WOO-HOO UPS service.

    Looking forward to hearing about the Iman's village and playground progess.

  3. are a beast. Thanks for the post and update. We will continue to pray for you and the team.

    Remind the team not to break the bread during communion with your right hand...I did that last year and tainted the whole loaf :)